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  • Do you do Airbnb, one-off cleans, end of lease or move in or out?
    We don't offer Airbnb cleaning services as our regular clients need to be prioritised for scheduling reasons. Unfortunately, we don't provide one-off cleanings, bond back cleans or casual cleanings either. For these types of services, it is best to get in touch with a specialist business who are better equipped to help you out. We offer recurring general cleaning services for residential homes in the Aldinga Beach area.
  • Do you do eco friendly cleaning?
    CHEMICAL POLICY When it comes to health and safety, we adhere strictly to the cleaning protocols mandated by SA Health. We will not use any chemical cleaning agents that have not been approved for sanitation purposes by SA Health and Department of Health. We use the guide "Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for health and residential care facilities" by the Government of Australia - Department of Health as a guide for our cleaning practices. Supply of Cleaning Chemicals We supply all chemical cleaning agents and other materials needed for our cleaning operations. These chemicals are specifically formulated for environmental sanitation, such as sanitisers, disinfectants, and detergents. General Cleaning Chemicals We use domestic and hospital grade cleaning products for cleaning. All chemicals are in their original containers and have Safety Data Sheets available from the manufacturer. The chemicals we use include: Multipurpose wipes Detergents Bleach Gels Disinfectants Window Cleaning Agents Lactic Acid based products Citric Acid based products Toilet Bowl Cleaner Methylated Spirits White Vinegar Septic Safe Products When required we will use septic safe cleaning products. These types of products are designed to safely break down any organic waste and other bacteria that they may come into contact with. We use these types of cleaning agents in areas where it is necessary to avoid damaging the septic system, such as toilets, drains, and other places where human waste is present. No Concoction Policy We strictly do not use any concoctions made from home-made recipes. These types of homemade cleaning agents can have unpredictable results as they can cause damage to surfaces and other materials, and are not always effective in sanitising and disinfecting surfaces. We will only use approved cleaning chemicals that have a reputable manufacturer, in the original container and have a Safety Data Sheet available in case of an emergency.
  • What areas do you service?
    We are located in Aldinga Beach. Our service areas are: Aldinga Aldinga Beach Maslin Beach Port Willunga Sellicks Beach Sellicks Hill Silver Sands Whites Valley Willunga Willunga Hill Willunga South
  • Are the cleaners who work with Cleanify contractors or employees?
    At Cleanify, we value our cleaners and believe in treating them with respect and fairness. Therefore, all of our cleaners are employed by us and receive fair pay, conditions, and benefits. We do not use contractors as we want to ensure that we have a committed team of professionals who share our standards and values. By employing our cleaners, we can guarantee that they are fully trained, experienced, and reliable, and that they are accountable for the quality of their work. We believe that by investing in our cleaners, we can provide the best possible service to our clients and build a strong and sustainable business.
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