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Our goal is to assist and empower our clients to have cleaner and tidier homes.

We offer regular residential cleaning to help keep your home looking its best through life's messy moments.



Hi! I am Marina Harte and I am the owner of Cleanify. 

I started my career in real estate as I loved homes. ​My favourite aspect of real estate was making a home gleam prior to sale. From cleaning windows to rearranging the furniture, I just loved the process. Why can't we enjoy this type of environment always?

Later as a first-time mum, real estate was no longer a family-friendly career option. I cleaned my own home again and again until Marie Kondo's book landed in my digital lap. 

I decided to clean casually to get out of the house. My micro-business grew and I decided I could really make a positive difference in people's lives and make this a career. 

I am deeply passionate about my work and the people who I work for and with. As an employer, I understand work-life balance for my employees and want to ensure my staff are paid well and treated with dignity and respect.

It is of the utmost importance to deliver a quality service to my clients. 



You will find that our service is different. We cater our service to suit clients from a variety of backgrounds and abilities. Here are a few reasons why our service is unique.

Our staff are trained in our business

Our staff are selected, cleared and trained. We have policies and procedures for most cleaning practices. We work in pairs to get the job done faster. 

We bring our own products and equipment.

We supply all products and equipment for our service. We believe that staff should be familiar with products and have experience in knowing what results that they will provide.

We work with your goals in mind.

Some of our clients require a full house clean, while others need help with their kitchen cupboards. Your service is tailored to you and the time that we have.

We like to meet you (and your home) before we get cleaning.

Before we clean we like to meet you and discuss your needs. All homes are different, as are our clients. We discuss your goals before we get going.

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