• Marina Harte

Why is Your House Such A Mess?

I would like to let you in on a little secret that I think Instagram and Facebook forgot to mention, wait for it this is epic. Okay here goes - most people don’t live in perfect homes. Just like the perfect bodies, you see on Instagram very few people can actually live in homes with drawers with ironed socks. The fact is that it is next to impossible.

Every activity of life creates a mess. Living is chaotic and messy. Avoiding mess is like avoiding sand at the beach not only is it impossible but the process of avoidance makes what could be a joyful activity a total mood dampener. Made a coffee this morning? Mess. Cooked? Mess. Had a shower? Mess. No time? Mess. Life is a mess, a total chaotic uncontrollable one.

There is the second illusion that the mess can be removed forever and I think this illusion creates even more untidiness in everyday homes. It is like the mess comes back with a vengeance. From a few wet tiles, it turns into mold and grime. Now you’ve really made The Mess angry.

The solution is to admit that dirt, sand and untidiness will walk into your space on a regular

basis. This means that just like customers there must be a way to great, service, farewell and encourage them to shop with us again if they would like a hassle-free experience. This is about creating systems and not perfection. The system also has to work for you and your cohabitants on a low energy day.

The last point I will make is that there is no silver bullet and no organisation system/container/method that will cure all mess woes. It comes from within and manifests itself as a continuous practice that makes the experience of mess far more enjoyable.

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