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Tidy Once and For All*

I think the above heading has more terms and conditions than your mortgage document. The premise that one method of organising will keep your home clean and tidy forever is a false one. Here is my secret - homes do not keep themselves organised - you do.

Have you ever tried to lose weight and bought everything that could aid you doing so? I did until none of it worked because buying the product isn't going to magically make you thin. No magic.

A couple of years ago, I worked for a family who asked me to clean and tidy their child's bedroom. I did, thinking that I was helping. Every week the bedroom got worse. How is that even possible? You made the mental analysis, didn't you? Kids need to tidy their own rooms. Funnily enough, tidying an adult room has the same end result. The point I am making is this - organising is a skill like anything else and is perfected with practice. It's one of those you things.

There are systems, tools, methods, boxes, folders, wardrobes, books and much more out there that are just tools just like there is a kettlebell in the corner of the gym.

The takeaway is this - paying someone to organise is great for 10 mins after they leave. Learn the skill and it lasts a lifetime.

About the Author

Thanks for reading. My name is Marina Harte and I am the owner of Cleanify. I help people get organised in their homes to escape the chaos of mess and clutter. Feel free to contact me.

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