• Marina Harte

The Horror of Dishes

Dishes suck. I hate dishes, especially the ones in my sink. Why? Why do they suck so much? I mean, I don't mind your plates and cutlery, perhaps because they are more interesting than mine.

It feels like groundhog day doing them, and all hell breaks loose when you don't. I haven't mastered dishes, but here is how they can suck a little less.

Buy a dishwasher

Dishwashers are fantastic because they do those pesky dishes and use less water. The minus - they use electricity. Some wizz-bang models also dry and can be used as a drawer. Works for me.

Have fewer dishes

Minimise your crockery. If you have a zillion forks, you will use them, all of them. Two of each type of silverware and bowl/plate for each person in your family. When you run out, you must wash. It's a fail-safe. Same goes for pans, bake-ware, utensils, knives. Think - your high school home economics drawer.

Cook ahead

If meal planning like a cafeteria doesn't work and spontaneity is your thing. I know, it is mine. Cook for a few days and refrigerate. Keep your dishes separate so you can mix and match.

One bowl meal wonders

The casseroles, curries, bolognese sauces and soups. Those are the meals that get better with refrigeration. They take longer to cook but generally require fewer dishes and taste better.

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