• Marina Harte

The Greater Good of Coronavirus – A Positive Perspective

It isn’t hard to get depressed. It really isn’t. I don’t think we need help with that. I am here to say that I think there is light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, I can see some light now and I would like to share it with you.

The world has never been so focused on clean. I suppose in my line of work that is exciting. I love to see people’s lives transformed because of their environment. I honestly do believe that your space has so much influence on your mood and your state of mind. If Coronavirus has motivated you to clean and keep your space clean, why not? Just roll with it.

Social distancing or personal space? We now wait behind the line and give the attendant space to breathe. We give people room to enter and exit. People seem to be conscious of themselves and others. Coronavirus has taught us to wait, to be patient and kind.

While we are discouraged from wearing masks as they offer little protection to ourselves, it is evident that they do protect others. Contending that a mask has no value for healthy people is like arguing that your pants and underwear serve no value while sitting on the bus. A mask is not unlike any other piece of intimate clothing - cleanliness is a virtue. The mask has its place in this pandemic and in our culture. It may be as simple as keeping our germs to ourselves.

The last one is we have learnt to slow down and become more creative. The world has slowed down to reveal cleaner air and water. What can 6 months do? Is it enough to combat climate change? We know now that we can change when we must, and we can work together on a global level. That’s pretty great, right?

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