• Marina Harte

Sometimes I don't fold and I am still OKAY

I can imagine what you may have thought. No, my house is not a trash heap. After a long day of cleaning and tidying, I walked into my house plunked down and started my Headspace meditation. I wish this was a sponsored post, but it is not. I drifted in and out of sleep then back to meditation.

Image above is Fork Off Mountain

I woke up looked at the pile of clean laundry and decided it was the bane of my existence. It needed to take a hike to Fork Off Mountain. I have a system for clothes but towels, cloths! COME ON! Every. Single. Day. Folding is not my life. I tidy so that people including myself can get a life away from tidying.

Playing origami has been fun for 4 years of Konmari. When it sparked joy. My cleaning cloths, the recycled remnants of inanimate plastic bottles, no matter how good looking are just things. I plonked them in three categories. I placed them in three little white baskets put them away in a messy pile and closed my wardrobe. There was no plague of biblical proportions or anything else of the sort. The world didn't end. I went to yoga and my house was tidy and organised.

I must add all my towels are the same and are colour coded - 3 colours. Yep. I just stuck them in there. My husband was extremely confused questioning if I was still the same person. Me, just more Zen. My little idea worked. They stayed neat and we didn't need to spend 30 mins folding. No folding. And it was okay.

The takeaway is this - less stuff = less folding. Minimal stuff = no folding. Now we can all take a deep breath and get a life.

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