• Marina Harte

How Not to Clean Your Oven

Once upon a time on Google and Facebook and Instagram, someone said to me use Bicarb Soda and Vinegar to clean an oven. I tried it on my own. Here's the verdict.

Unless you want to make a third-grade science project volcano in there, try something else. Maybe you folks have very clean ovens, in that case, a bit of dish soap and warm cloth would have done the trick minus the volcano. Electronics and volcanoes is a no, for me anyway.

The Science

The science is that the initial reaction is carbonic acid and sodium acetate. The second is that the mixture turns to water and carbon dioxide gas. The issue is that the bubbling action only lasts seconds and to get through someone of the baked-on grime, this reaction needs to last longer, much longer.

Green Cleaning

I have tried a variety of green chemicals for ovens. For a scrub, bicarb is excellent with some dish soap. Warm water and dish soap for a wipe. Vinegar is suitable for a finish off wipe. I would always remove as much as possible out of the oven and wash the racks separately.

Very Dirty Ovens

For dirty ovens, I always use a commercial oven cleaner. Granted, they are pretty heavy chemicals, but they lift some severe stains. Give them time to work and apply according to instructions. Usually, a few cleans will get your oven to a happy clean level.

It's Not Coming Off! :(

With some ovens, you can only get so far. Consider upgrading or replacing if it is beyond cleanable. There are white-good recycling programs in many areas.


Cleaning your oven prevents build-up, especially grease.

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