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6 Tips to Getting Your Home Finally Clean

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

I love those home de-cluttering shows in which we see a wholly trashed home turns into an inspection-ready abode within 20 minutes and a lot of people crying. Why are they crying?! I suppose it's good television. The reality is that unless you have a team of cleaning/organising/styling professionals working on it, it takes much, much longer. Okay, well that's my wet blanket out of the way. Here are some goodies

1. Be kind to yourself

I find this the most challenging. We often compare ourselves to other people - real or not. Then we set unrealistic expectations. It's your utensil drawer, no one else's. It needs to work for you!

2. Reduce overwhelm

If you are going to 'Konmari' your wardrobe or any significant cupboard for the first time - clear your calendar, call your mum, hire a babysitter, find a friend, set up a good relationship with an op shop and hire a bin. I think doing that is great and saves you so much time in the long run BUT to finish it you need TIME. I have seen people remove half of the contents of their cupboards and then stop, for a week or more. Disaster. You can also bite off little bits at a time. One closet at a time, one drawer and go from that, it is okay!

3. Find yourself an Op Shop

The local Salvos know me by name. Massive Op Shop fanatic here. Don't wear it? Donate. Doesn't fit? Donate. Too precious to use? Donate. In storage? Donate! I treat my local Op Shop like a library. There are so many quality inexpensive items. It saves the planet, keeps from buying new and it's fun. I always wash the items I purchase with a quality laundry detergent and antiseptic liquid. Hang out in the sun. Good as new.

4. Attack stuff nooks

You know those spots where you dump your stuff, stack it and try to forget it? We attack those.

5. Everything needs a home

Everything needs a home. Washing. Appliances. Pillowcases. I mean it. It makes life easier.

6. Systemise like a multinational company

Everyone has cogs that go wrong and then the home turns into a disaster zone. Usually, it's clothes, dishes or toys. Systemise. Can a dishwasher help? Can outsourcing help? What would work to make it right?

I have many more ideas that work for homes and families. I offer home-keeping and property management services in Aldinga Beach, South Australia. We clean, organise and present homes in our local area. Call on 0402660612 or email to get a helping hand around the house.

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