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Keeping Your Home Looking Its Best

Cleanify specialise in regular cleaning services to our clients in Aldinga and surrounding areas. 


Holiday Accommodation

Be Our Guest

Our General Cleaning Service is perfect for holiday homeowners. We tailor a service to suit you to make sure your property looks its best for your guests. Our inclusive service can ensure that beds are made, dishes are done and put away and everything is the way it should be! We also have the required real estate licence to manage holiday accommodation.

Products We Use

Caring For You and Your Property

We bring our own products and equipment for your peace of mind. 

We use commercial grade products from quality suppliers to ensure that your home is cleaned effectively.  


Ironing & Washing

Clothes and Bed Sheets

We assist individuals and bnb businesses in the local area with their washing and ironing requirements. We have our own products and equipment and can do this on site or externally.


A Service You Can Trust

ABN Registered

Registered  ABN & GST

We have a valid ABN and are registered for GST.


Cleaning & Organising

We are adequately insured for cleaning and organising.

Police Cleared

Every 12 Months

We update our police clearance every 12 months for the peace of mind of our clients.

We also have a Working with Children Check.


Time Recommendations for General Cleaning

Selecting the Right Time Block

Please see below for approximate time recommendations for various sizes of properties. This is not definitive as every home is different. 

You may choose to only have certain areas cleaned and pick your own time. You have the flexibility!

1 Bedroom

2 Hours

  • 1 Bedroom

  • 1 Bathroom

  • 1 Living Area

  • 1 Kitchen

  • 1 Laundry

2 Bedroom

3 Hours

  • 2 Bedroom

  • 1.5 Bathroom

  • 1 Living Area

  • 1 Kitchen

  • 1 Laundry

3 Bedroom

4-6 Hours

  • 3 Bedrooms

  • 2 Bathrooms

  • 2 Living/Dining

  • 1 Kitchen

  • 1 Laundry

4 Bedroom

4-8 Hours

  • 4 Bedrooms

  • 2 Bathrooms

  • 2 Living/Dining

  • 1 Kitchen

  • 1 Laundry


Price List General Cleaning

All prices are GST inclusive.

Hour of Power


2 Hours


3 Hours


4 Hours



General Cleaning

Here is an idea of the work we do. Check out our time recommendations for best results.


  • Dust skirting

  • Wet mop hard floors

  • Vacuum carpet/floors


  • Empty bin

  • Clean sinks            

  • Wipe down benches            

  • Clean tapware and chrome            

  • Wipe down cupboards (exterior)  


  • Wipe accessible surfaces

  • Clean stovetop

  • Clean splashback

  • Clean sink

  • Wipe tapware

  • Wipe benchtops

  • Clean cupboards (exterior)

  • Clean visible appliances (exterior)


  • Empty bin

  • Clean sinks 

  • Clean wet areas             

  • Wipe down benches      

  • Clean tapware and chrome            

  • Wipe down cupboards (exterior)

Living Areas

  • Empty bins

  • Clean mirrors

  • Cobweb removal

  • Spot clean doors

  • Wet wipe all reachable surfaces

  • Wipe accessible light switches/powerpoints


  • Empty bins

  • Clean mirrors

  • Cobweb removal

  • Spot clean doors

  • Wet wipe all reachable surfaces

  • Wipe accessible light switches/powerpoints



Additional jobs we can help with.


Approx 30 mins - 1 hr

Wash and dry.

Bed Changing

Approx 20 mins per bed

Stripping of bed, put into laundry, remake bed.

Wall Cleaning

30 mins - 1 hr depending on wall

Vacuum, spot clean and wet wipe wall.


Min 1 hr

Sorting, loading washing machine, loading dryer, hanging and ironing.

Extensive Tidy

Min 30 mins per room

The tidy includes the removal of rubbish and placing items neatly.

Clean Cupboard

Min 1 hr

We can remove items from cupboard or fridge, clean the space and then replace.


Before The Clean

Some important things to note before you book a clean with us.

Please take a look at these common questions and things to know before your cleaner arrives.

Will the cleaner clean my whole home in the time booked?

A cleaner will work for the time booked only. The Time Recommendations listed above provide an approximate guide of how long it takes to complete a General Clean on a property. 

What can I expect?

Once you have booked your clean, you will receive an email or call from us. We will have a chat to discuss your requirements. A cleaner will arrive at the time allocated.

How do I prepare my wet areas for cleaning?

When we clean wet areas, we remove all personal items (toiletries, clothing, towels, decorations) out of the room.  Save yourself money by relocating these items before the cleaner arrives.

Do I need to clean before the cleaner?

Leave the cleaning to us! We recommend that you tidy your property before our service.

What about my pets?

Please ensure all pets are secure prior to our arrival. We do not clean up pet messes including any excrement, urine, litter trays, hair, food, bowls or beds.

Can I help clean?

The areas for cleaning must be vacant for Work Health and Safety.

Does anyone need to be there?

You may stay, leave after letting us in or leave a key with the manager.

How do you charge?

We invoice all clients. You will receive an invoice from us within 2 days of completion of your service.


It's okay life happens! Please provide as much notice as you can 24 hours is great but emergencies do happen.

Cleaning Standards

Before commencing any job we like to chat with the owners of the space. We work to a checklist and achieve as much as we can in the time booked.

Booking The Right Service

Please provide as much detail as possible when you have a chat with Cleanify.

Products and Equipment

We supply products and equipment. Our products are commercial grade.

Dirt, Grime, Build Up & Mould

Some stains can attach themselves to surfaces over time.  Regular cleaning helps to clear this away. Your space will become better over time. If we cannot clean a particular spot than we may suggest the services of another professional.

Do your work with the NDIS or other agencies?

We serve clients from all walks of life. If your booking is from an external agency please let us know.



Things we don't do

  • Clean up pet messes

  • Treat mould

  • Party cleanup

  • Grout treatment

  • Treat extreme build-up

  • Treat grease, grime and neglected properties

  • Squalor, hoarder or hazardous properties

  • Clean areas for which we don't have the specialist equipment to do so

The above require services of specialist cleaners. 

Give us a call to discuss your requirements, we will be more than happy to help. 

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