Our goal is to assist and empower our clients to have cleaner, tidier and more organised homes.

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Hi! I am Marina Harte and I am the owner of Cleanify. 

My favorite aspect was transforming a home to its best version of itself. 

I started cleaning in 2013. Cleaning has provided me with opportunities in home presentation, organisation and decluttering. I have worked in community care settings to achieve more functional environments for clients, in private homes, holiday accommodation and real estate. 

I look forward to working with you to achieve a clean and organised space. 


I have always valued a clean and organised home. I think there is a link between our environment and our state of mind. There is something nice about coming home to a clean house.

However, that's not always possible. When I had my son, I found it difficult to keep my home the way I liked it.  I sought to find a cleaner that would assist me with the jobs that I just found I had little time for.

Many cleaners had no ABN, police clearance or insurance. Some did not show up. Most offered their services on a cash basis. Others that did have those things were just too big to help. The cleaning agencies offered cleaners that were in most cases untrained and unfairly paid while expected to perform an extraordinary number of tasks in an unreasonable time.  I really wanted to change that.

My vision for Cleanify was reimagine cleaning. I also wanted to work with people that were fun, honest, reliable and positive. It was important that my staff had training and were paid fairly. 

Cleanify operates locally and you will find that many of our processes make your experience with us positively different. 

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You will find that our service is different. We cater our service to suit clients from a variety of backgrounds and abilities. Here are a few reasons why our service is unique.

Our staff are trained in our business

Our staff are selected, cleared and trained. We have policies and procedures for most cleaning practices. We work in pairs to get the job done faster. 

We bring our own products and equipment. And they are good.

We use professional grade products/chemicals and equipment.

We work with your goals in mind.

Some of our clients require a full house clean, while others need help with their kitchen cupboards. Your service is tailored to you and the time that we have.

We like to meet you (and your home) before we get cleaning.

Before we clean we like to meet you and discuss your needs. All homes are different, as are our clients. We discuss your goals before we get going.

Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Organisers

The Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO) International is a professional industry body for the Organising industry. 

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(08) 7200 6503 | 0402 660 612

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